The Twins and Multiple Births Association (Tamba) aims to provide information and mutual support networks for families of twins, triplets and more highlighting their unique needs to to all involved with their care.

Services available:
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  • Leaflets, books, videos.
  • Twins, Triplets and more magazine.
  • Newsletters from the specialist support groups.
  • Helpline Tamba Twinhine – confidential listening support and information service Tel: 01732 868000 weekdays 7pm – 11pm, weekends I Oam – 11pm Volunteer listeners are all parents of twins or triplets and have undergone a comprehensive training course.
  • Specialist support groups.
  • Access to professional advice through the Parent Professional Forum.
  • Discounts locally and nationally, especially Clark’s shoes.
  • Study days and conferences.
  • Local twins clubs.
  • Family fun days and holidays.

Specialist Groups

Adult Multiples Group

Offers information and support to twins and more aged 18 plus. Some twins have difficulty in becoming independent of their twin and this group aims to help with this or any other problem, through mutual support and through the newsletter.

One Parent Families Group

Aims to support families who for various reasons have been left to bring up twins or triplets alone. They help by putting families in touch with each other and by producing a newsletter three times per year. Help is available on particular problems which may arise.

Supertwins Group

For families with triplets or more. The Group offers a contact scheme for information and moral support – ante natal, post natal, breast feeding and father support. A newsletter is published three times per year and a list of second-hand triple and quad buggies is available.

Infertility Support Group

Tamba infertility support group for parents expecting or who have twins, triplets or more as a result of fertility treatment. The Group offers parent to parent support from members who have had the same type of fertility treatment. A newsletter is published three times per year.

Special Needs Group

Supports families with special difficulties in bringing up twins, triplets or more suffering from an illness or disability. A contact scheme puts parents in touch with others in a similar situation. A newsletter is published four times per year. Families have the opportunity to meet and share experiences at a Family Day or at evening meetings.

Bereavement Support Group

Offers parent to parent support from parents who have suffered a similar loss, by phone or through correspondence. Meetings are at the Twins Clinics in London and Birmingham and in members’ homes. A newsletter is published three times per year. There is an annual Memorial Service and parents may make an entry in the Memorial Book.

Adopted Multiples Group

Offers support to families adopting twins, triplets or more through a contact list.

Parent – Professional Forum

Has been developed to assess the needs of families and to provide information for parents and professionals on the care of twins or more. Provides leaflets, books, special packs for professionals, training in the form of Study Days and Conferences, a library of books and audio-visual aids. Assists in research projects. A free professional consultancy service is available for parents and professionals through Honorary Consultants in the fields of health, obstetrics, paediatrics, pre-school play, family therapy, primary and secondary education and social work, medical and education research.

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Tel: 0870 121 4000 or 0151 3480020
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Tamba TWINLINE (01732 868000) is a national, confidential, listening, support and information service for all parents of twins, triplets or more.
Listeners are all parents of twins or more and are trained to listen.
Available weekdays 7pm – 11pm
weekends 1Oam – 11pm.
Charity No 1076478
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