Founded in 1968 by Dr Dick Coles and a group of patients at Northampton, the Association has become an important self-help organisation providing support and mutual aid for sufferers.
It is advised by an eminent Medical and Research Committee and each year supports important research projects.

Considerable publicity and education has increased the community understanding and acceptance of psoriasis. The Association continually works to raise standards of patient care through its contacts with the medical professions, the social services, government departments and other organisations.

The Association has become the main source of information on all aspects of psoriasis. Close links have been formed with similar organisations throughout the World

The Association is managed by an elected Council of voluntary members supported by a small number of full-time employees.

Membership is open to anyone. Every Member receives the national Journal Psoriasis’ three times a year. This includes articles by both sufferers and medical experts on all aspects of psoriasis.

Members may also participate voluntarily in the activities of their local Groups. These meet regularly to provide points of social contact and information and to raise funds for research and educational projects.

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Milton House
7 Milton Street
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TEL: (0604) 711129
FAX: (0604) 792894
Registered Charity No. 257414