The Pituitary Foundation, launched in 1994, exists to offer support and information to the estimated 40-70,000 pituitary patients in the UK, their families, friends and carers, together with anyone with an interest in pituitary disorders.

The support we are able to offer includes:
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  • A national helpline, backed by the services of a qualified nurse counsellor, which can handle enquires by post, e-mail and phone.
  • The provision of a range of eight patient leaflets written in accessible jargon-free language. Two new titles are in preparation.
  • The provision of a GP Factfile to assist GPs with their diagnostic and shared aftercare skills.
  • 35 Local Support Groups, run by patients and carers, for patients and carers, with further groups in the pipeline.
  • A quarterly newsletter, Pituitary News, which is mailed to all members.
  • A regular National Conference and distribution of conference proceedings to all members.
  • A comprehensive website.


Our services are available to everyone and we make no charge for them. Voluntary donations are always welcome.

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PO Box 1944
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Phone/fax: 0117 927 3355