The National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society (NASS) is a patient organisation providing the essential patient education which helps AS patients better manage this progressive condition.The average age of disease onset is 23 years old and part of the management of the condition is regular physiotherapy. This should be carried out in the home and the society has provided a video for this purpose. In addition, we have formed over 100 branches, each one providing supervised physiotherapy one evening a week. We are treating over 2000 people each week by this method.

As the condition is not well understood outside of rheumatology, the society also acts as an information centre on different aspects of the disease. Patients contact us through e-mail, post, telephone etc on a daily basis. The society produces publications, including a Guidebook for Patients, of which they donate 5,000 copies each year. This publication appears on the internet at:

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