The Marfan Association UK was founded in 1984 to offer:-
“Support For Today with Tomorrow in Mind”
Our three main aims are:- SUPPORT – EDUCATION – RESEARCH

We support those with Marfan Syndrome and their families… We are aware that the unaffected family members may also need help to “come to terms with Marfan Syndrome”. There is a national Marfan Support Network available to help you. We write and distribute updated Marfan text to lay and professional sectors, holding and participating in school and hospital meetings around the country. Early diagnosis is important and we believe this will be achieved by the spreading of information “far and wide”. A Publications List is available covering the many aspects of Marfan Syndrome. We undertake, sponsor and participate in national research projects. Already the gene has been discovered… so much can be learned from people who have Marfan Syndrome – and their families. Your family history and photographs could greatly help us all to learn more about this condition. We work closely with general practitioners, ophthalmologists, cardiologists, orthopaedic specialists, rheumatologists, geneticists, visual impairment officers, social workers, teachers, to name but a few, and special information is available for the many different sectors in the care of someone with Marfan Syndrome.

Please join the Marfan Association UK today. “TOGETHER WE CAN”

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