The International Glaucoma Association (IGA) is a charity, formed in 1974, which provides detailed information and reassurance for glaucoma sufferers throughout the world. The IGA also promotes better awareness of the disease, campaigns for improved glaucoma services and funds considerable research into glaucoma.

The IGA provides information literature and advice of a general nature to anyone who is interested in, or concerned about glaucoma.

Another major activity is increasing awareness of glaucoma. Each year a national awareness week is held (‘FROG’ week – For Relief Of Glaucoma) which aims to build general awareness of glaucoma as well as communicating the need to seek the three tests necessary to detect the disease at an early stage.

The IGA funds a large amount of research in the UK and abroad. For the last four years, over £1/4 million was spent annually on research ranging from visual field analysis software through to supporting major genetic developments.

The IGA has affiliated societies in 14 countries in Europe, Africa, Australasia and Asia, and represented members in over 60 countries throughout the world. Currently the IGA has over 14,000 members who each receive newsletters detailing the latest developments in glaucoma. Professional membership is also available which, in addition to the benefits of normal membership, includes the annual subscription to ‘Glaucoma Forum’ the IGA’s quarterly journal for interdisciplinary discussion, up to date information on local events, awareness building events and other IGA work.

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