The Huntington’s Disease Association was founded in 1971 as self help group with 76 members. It was then known as the Association to Combat Huntington’s Chorea. At that time families lived in complete isolation, unaware of the extent of the disease in the community and stigmatised by its hereditary nature. They were further isolated by the manifestation of the disease itself characterised by severe physical, psychological and behavioural problems. As an Association we have been for 28 years for better services and a greater understanding. With clear aims and objectives The Huntington’s Disease Association now has a membership of over 5000 with 39 local branches and many self-help and support groups throughout the
country. The Association aims to provide a service to all of those affected by Huntington’s Disease in whatever way while raising awareness of the disease and the issues facing those affected by it.
Huntington’s is a progressive, degenerative neuroligical disorder causing dementia and the severest physical incapacity. It affects both male and female alike and usually in the prime of life. Onset of the diesease occurs most commonly between the ages of 35 and 45 although there is a small percentage of childhood onset. Normally the duration of illness is 15-25 years. As yet there is no cure for Huntington’s Disease and only limited pallitive treatment available for those affected by it. The consequences of Huntington’s Disease are numerous and daunting. It is hereditary with each child of an affected parent at 50% risk of inheriting the disease.

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