The Haemophilia Society is a national charity that exists to work for the best possible care for people with haemophilia and related bleeding disorders.

Among the services it provides for its members are:
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  • General information about haemophilia and related bleeding disorders.
  • Information about social security benefits.
  • Information, advice and support on hepatitis C and HIV.
  • Information for parents of newly-diagnosed children.
  • Volunteer support networks.
  • Hardship grants.
  • Aventis Alert pager service to enable parents to be contacted if their children have a bleed.
  • Caravan holidays in the UK.
  • Adventure holidays and weekends for children.
  • Fundraising support.
  • Assistance with media enquiries.
  • Information on treatments.
  • Travel advice and travel insurance advice.
  • Haemophilia information days and Family information days.
  • One-off meetings on specific issues, such as hepatitis C.
  • Hepatitis C support network.
  • C Issues newsletter.
  • Support contacts for people with mild and moderate haemophilia.

The Society also has a network of local groups across the UK. These are based in:

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  • Bristol & Southwest
  • Cambridgeshire and District
  • Cornwall
  • Hampshire
  • Hull
  • Kent
  • Leicestershire & Rutland
  • Lincoln & District
  • Norfolk & Norwich
  • Northampton
  • Northern
  • North West
  • Nottingham
  • Oxford
  • Southern
  • South Essex
  • Yorkshire

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  • North Wales
  • South Wales

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  • Perth Grampian
  • Tayside
  • West of Scotland
  • South East Scotland

Northern Ireland
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  • Northern Ireland Group

Special Interest (for people with HIV and haemophilia)

Birchgrove Group

For information telephone the free helpline on 0800 018 6068 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (helpline sponsored by Worldcom)

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Third Floor
Chesterfield House
385 Euston Road

For admin enquiries:
Tel: 020 7380 0600
Fax: 020 7387 8220


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