The Cot Death Society provides, totally free of charge, on medical referral, Infant Respiration Monitors for parents in the community who have a baby classed as being at risk from Cot Death. The babies most at risk from cot death are:

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  • Premature
  • Low birth weight
  • Multiple births (twins)
  • Ex-special care baby unit patients (SCBU)
  • Respiratory problems
  • Suffering from chronic lung disease
  • Suffering from reflux
  • Apparent life threatening event (ALTE)

Siblings of a prior cot death in the family

The monitors are issued on medical referral and under medical supervision and counselling.
Monitoring Helpline (9.00 – 5.00 PM) 08455 6010234 after 5 PM – answering machine.

For further information, or if you can help by fundraising as monitors are desperately needed UK wide, call (01925) 850086.

The Cot Death Society
10, High Street, Thatcham
Charity Registration Number 299103