(This is primarily involved with working with professionals)

The Aim and Work of the Trust:
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  • To increase awareness and acknowledge the importance of grief and loss.
  • To develop the professional support and counselling that is available to grieving families.
  • To develop resources to help grieving families themselves and those that care for them.
  • To facilitate professional support networks nationwide.

The Services Offered Include:
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  • Specialist training seminars (including ENB and PGEA accredited study days).
  • National conferences in grief and loss.
  • Training in bereavement counselling skills.
  • Train the Trainer and Facilitation Skills courses.
  • Information and training materials for professionals (books. audio cassettes, videos).
  • New initiatives to improve professional practice in hospitals and schools.
  • Consultancy to develop services in health and education.
  • Resources for families (including books, audio casscttes. videos.
  • Bereavement workshops for families.
  • Caters residential workshops.

The philosophy of The Child Bereavement Trust is to achieve better and more accessible bereavement support and information for children, young people and families in loss and grief. We train the professionals in this demanding work and aim to effect real change in attitudes towards loss and death.

The core activity of The Child Bereavement Trust is to design and provide training courses for healthcare, education and other professionals whose work brings them into contact with children and families who experience loss and grief. Specifically designed training is also available to people in the voluntary sector who support children and families experiencing loss and grief in their lives,

The success of CBT training is based on listening to families who have experienced grief. We gain insight into their needs, which influence the content and material we provide for the professionals on our courses. We aim to share information about best practice in order to make a positive impact on current working.

The Child Bereavement Trust organises professional conferences to promote the exchange of information and understanding of child bereavement, loss and grief

Why is the Trust needed
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  • Grief in its many forms, is one of the most painful experiences that anyone can suffer, and it is experienced by thousands of families.
  • Every year one baby in a hundred dies, either before, at or soon after birth -that is 20 babies each day in the UK.
  • Every year 1% of all children are bereaved of a parent -that is more than 135,000 children.
  • One in 600 babies dies as a result of Sudden Infant Death.
  • 9000 children die before the age of 14 as a result of an illness or accident.
  • A large percentage of these will have siblings who will therefore be bereaved.
  • Even- year, 3,500 – 4,000 women make the difficult decision to end their pregnancy because there is something wrong with their baby.
  • One in four pregnant women has a miscarriage.
  • One in 100 babies is born with a mental or physical disability.
  • One in seven couples are infertile.
  • Every year almost 3000 children aged four and under are given up for adoption.

While so different, these experiences and many others involve strong feelings of loss.

Grief that is ignored can harm us in countless ways. To support families at such difficult times and to minimise the effect of long-term psychological problems, it is crucial that all carers are able to recognise and respond appropriately to families’ varied emotional needs.

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