“The British Stammering Association (BSA), established in 1978, is a
national registered charity. It is the only UK-wide charity which helps
both children and adults who stammer.

The BSA is the largest stammering organisation in Europe, and is a member of the European League of Stuttering Associations and the International Stuttering Association.

The BSA provided information, help and support to all whose lives are
affected by stammering.

Committed to developing and implementing major projects to address the varying needs of all those affetced by stammering, the BS is currently
working to:
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  • Promote the early identifictaion and referral of pre-school stammering
  • Address neglected issues concerning education and pupils who stammer.
  • Improve the support services available to adults who stammer.

The British Stammering Association:
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  • Provides information on stammering for people of all ages (children,
    teens, adults).
  • provides information on stammering for partners and spouses.
  • Provides information on stammering for health professionals, teachers and
  • Provides specialist information on speech and language therapy options.
  • Supports research into stammering.
  • Maintains a UK-wide database of specilaist speech and language therapy and
    self-help provision.
  • Provides a confidential telephone helpline service.
  • Maintains an internet webiste.
  • Runs a telephone support group.
  • Operates a mail-order service for books, tapes and videos.

[boxibt style=”success”]The British Stammering Association
15 Old Ford Road
E2 9PJ 
Tel: 020 8983 1003
Fax: 020 8983 3591
Helpline: 0845-603 2001 (local rate)

Email: mail@stammering.org

For Further information visit the website