Positively Women is the only national registered charity offering peer support – support for women living with HIV by women living with HIV.
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  • Peer support and advocacy.
  • Crèche facilities and therapeutic services for children affected by HIV.
  • Information and advice.
  • Training and volunteering opportunities.

Empowering women living with HIV to make informed choices; ensuring that the voice of HIV positive women is heard.

Direct Client Services

These include weekly peer support groups held at 3 sites in London. One groups is specifically for African women and one for newly diagnosed women. A crèche, transport costs, complementary therapies and a hot meal are provided*. Individual one to one sessions are available providing support, information and advocacy. Regular advice sessions for welfare advice and treatment information take place. A telephone help line staffed by women living with HIV is a unique service. Volunteer Regional Co-ordinators offer peer support in the NorthWest. Hospital and home visits can be provided and the Drugs and Prison Workers offer outreach support to HIV positive women in Holloway Prison. A Service User Forum involves service users in the planning and delivery of services.

Children and Family Service

Provides childcare for the support groups, runs workshops and events for parents and children. Therapeutic work with children who are experiencing difficulties and support for parents around disclosing HIV status, as well as social work intervention, advocacy and social care planning. The Saturday Club for young people aged 10-16 meets twice a month.

Community Development Project

An outreach service to clinics and hospitals, to enable women from different communities to access peer support.

The Volunteer Project

Offers women living with HIV the opportunity to learn new skills and build confidence in a safe and supportive environment. Training, induction and supervision are offered to all volunteers.

[boxibt style=”gray”]Information Service

Offers open access to a library and Internet service, deals with requests for information and produces a Newsletter for women living with HIV. A Speakers team of women living with HIV provides talks to organizations, schools and colleges. Regular open afternoons offer other professionals the chance to find out about Positively Women’s work.

*If you are coming to the support groups for the first time, Positively Women will need proof of diagnosis from your doctor beforehand. Our groups are only open to women living with HIV, to safeguard everyone’s confidentiality. You can arrange to see a Client Services Co-ordinator during the day, or get telephone support until we receive the necessary proof of diagnosis. Thank you for your co-operation.[/boxibt]

[boxibt style=”success”]Contact Positively Women
347-349 City Road

Administration: 9:30am-5pm Monday to Friday 020 7713 0444
Helpline staffed by HIV positive women:10am-4pm Monday to Friday 020 7713 0222
Fax: 020 7713 1020

Email: info@positivelywomen.org.uk

Website: Positively Women[/boxibt]