The Pancreatic Patients Support Group is a registered charity, and most of the money that we raise goes back to the Manchester Royal Infirmary to buy pain relief machines and diagnostic equipment for the Pancreato-Biliary Clinic.

Manchester Royal is where the ANTIOXIDANT treatment was pioneered for patients that are suffering acute or chronic pancreatitis. It is a well proven method, saved patients from having a life threatening operation.

The treatment is simple. Patients are admitted onto the ward for assessment, scans, ERCP’s, MRI’s and numerous other tests. This determines beyond all reasonable doubt as to how much damage has been done to the pancreas. The team are very much against any type of operation on the pancreas, and will only do an operation as a last resort. The patient then has an intensive week to 10 days on intravenous drips, this allows the ANTIOXIDANT levels to reach a theraputic level. They are then discharged with the ANTOX tablets, which they take 4 times a day, for the rest of their lives. It may take up to a year for the treatment to work to its fullest effectiveness, but after this time, the patient should start to feel the full benefits of the treatment.

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