LUPUS UK is the only national charity for Lupus sufferers in the UK. It works to provide welfare support for people with Lupus, to provide advice and counselling for all Lupus sufferers to raise money for research and welfare support through national, regional and fundraising events, to publish information on the disease and make it available from other sources.

The work of LUPUS UK:
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  • To help the lupus patient who may feel alone and isolated.
  • To establish and maintain a network of Regional Support Groups and contacts throughout the UK.
  • To assist those in need as they seek diagnosis
  • To improve national awareness about lupus and its impact.
  • To provide advice and counselling to all lupus sufferers.
  • To inform the public and the medical profession about lupus.
  • To fund yet more research into the causes and towards a cure.

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St. James House
Eastern Road
Essex RM1 3NH

Tel : 01708 731251
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