About the Group

The Hyperactive Children’s Support Group was founded in 1977 and grew almost overnight into a national association. It was granted charitable status in 1979.

The aims of the group are to help and support hyperactive children and their parents; to conduct research, and promote investigation into the incidence of hyperactivity in the UK – its causes and treatments; and to disseminate information concerning this condition.

There are some local groups in the UK started by parents of hyperactive children; there are also ‘contact’ parents, who have offered to help newly joined members in their locality.

Support and shared experiences can reduce the stress caused by having a child with behavioural problems and allergies.

Over the last 23 years the HACSG has devoted itself to helping parents of Hyperactive children, with advice, information and practical help. For many thousands of families we hove been the ONLY source of help and information and for many families this help has been given free of charge.

Beginning in 1977, the HACSG has persuaded many food producers to cut out unhelpful food additives. It has also increased awareness of the serious disabilities caused by Hyperactivity (AD/HD). The HACSG has always co-operated with health professionals to find answers to this problem which afflicts an increasing number of children.

The HACSG has campaigned to encourage the Government to investigate the causes but there are still many areas of research, which have not so far been tackled.
The HACSG has built up a wealth of experience and knowledge concerning the genetic, biochemical and metabolic problems of these children

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