Guillain-Barre’ Syndrome, or GBS is a rare, acute disease
of the peripheral nervous system leading to paralysis from
which most people recover. It can affect all ages of both sexes.

The GBS Support Group provides information through LITERATURE, A FREE HELPLINE ON 0800 374 803 and a comprehensive WEBSITE: together with visits to patients and carers through a nationwide network of local contacts.

The objectives of the Support Group are:

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  • To provide emotional support to patients, their families and friends.
  • To provide, when possible, personal visits by former patients to those
    currently in hospitals and rehabilitation centres and to those recovering.
  • To supply a comprehensive short guide for patients, relatives and friends,
    and other literature, so that patients and their families can learn what to expect during the illness.
  • To educate the public and medical community about the Support Group
    and maintain their awareness of the illness.
  • To foster research into the cause, treatment and other aspects of the illness.
  • To encourage special interest groups, eg CIOP, GBS in pregnancy, and
    GBS in children.
  • To encourage financial support for the Group’s activities.

[boxibt style=”success”]GBS Support Group of the UK
LCC Offices, Eastgate, Sleaford, Lincolnshire. NG34 7EB
Tel/Fax 01529 304615.
Free Helpline 0800 374803

For Further information visit the website[/boxibt]