A National self-help organisation
(Charity No. 294482)

The Fellowship of Depressives Anonymous (FDA) is a national Registered Charity formed of, by and for the people who are experiencing, or who have experienced, depression. Membership, which is by subscription to our Newsletter, is open to all depression sufferers, past or present, and to their carers.

General Information

FDA works on a mutual aid (or self-help) basis. Whilst encouraging members to take advantage of, and to co-operate with all the available conventional mental health support services, we aim to help people to share helpful ideas, and support each other. We do this in a variety of ways – local groups, pen-friend links, our Newsletter and public meetings. These public meetings also provide a chance for the caring professions to find out what we do and share their expertise. There is also the opportunity for the public to learn more about depression. Our leaflets and book list provide information on various topics of interest to those liable to depression and those who are involved with them. Guidance on group formation is available.

Members range from the suicidally depressed to those who are seriously unhappy. We are not a ‘Twelve Step’ organization.

Mission Statement

To offer encouragement and mutual support to those who suffer from depression by providing means for contact between depressives, with the intention of supporting each other, and co-operating in their own recovery.

Depression can vary from the feeling that life is dull, grey and pointless, to deep suicidal despair. There appears to be no one cause for all depression and no single effective treatment which cures everyone, though most can be helped by medication, and other therapies.

In FDA we believe that many people can also be helped by the encouragement and support of fellow sufferers, giving them a chance to share experiences and feel less isolated.

Due to the stigma attached to depression (which we work to dispel) we use “anonymous” in our name, to make clear that we practice complete confidentiality, and expect all members to do the same. In spite of our name, we are not a “Twelve Step” organisation, although any local group might choose to follow this way.

Whilst we have no ‘quick fix” for depression, we most certainly do not believe that there is no hope This stems from our first hand, practical, personal experience of depression, common to all our members, and is our most valuable asset.

This makes FDA a unique organisation, allowing us to reach out to people who are suffering the worst feelings of worthlessness, isolation and helplessness, and to say to them, “Yes – we’ve been there too, and we know how it feels – you’re really not on your own.”

[boxibt style=”gray”]Who are we?

We are a self help organisation made up of people who understand what it is to be depressed and who try to help ourselves and each other.
[boxibt style=”gray”]What do we do?

We provide a bimonthty newsletter, a pen friend scheme, local groups, book lists and other things.
[boxibt style=”gray”]Who can join?

All who have (or have had) depression and those concerned for them.

To find out more about FDA send s.a.e. to:
Fellowship of Depressives Anonymous
HU17 9BR[/boxibt]