The charity offers practical help to the children and their families by providing much needed help on a day to day basis. These are services from places to stay when a child is being treated at a distant unit, to special grants in times of financial worries, which this illness can so often bring.

Although cancer is no longer seen as an unstoppable disease, it still costs more young lives than any other illness. Today 7 out of 10 children diagnosed with childhood cancer or leukaemia survive; our goal is to help make that 10 out of 10. Until this goal is achieved CLIC provides the following services to support children and families coping with the challenge of cancer and leukaemia. :

Home Care Nurses

CLIC funded HomeCare Nurses are specially trained to care for children with cancer and leukaemia at home. A child’s chances of recovery can be significantly improved by being surrounded by familiar toys and with the company of their family and friends

CLIC HomeCare Nurses are based at NHS hospitals and work closely with consultants and other healthcare professionals, helping to ensure children and their families receive the best possible support.
A CLIC HomeCare Nurse can explain the disease and the treatment, provide support during initial hospital visits and reduce the need for disruptive trips to hospital. CLIC currently funds 32 HomeCare Nurses throughout the UK.

Homes from Home and Crisis Break Flats

Treatment at major regional units, far from home, can last for weeks or months. CLIC has six ‘Homes from Home’ just a few minutes walk from the specialist children’s cancer hospitals. They provide quiet, comfortable accommodation for children and their families, free of charge, for as long as necessary. The Homes are located at Bristol, Southampton, Plymouth, Oxford and Edinburgh. Our newest CLIC Home, made possible by the generous support of the North British Hotels Trust, will open in Glasgow in 2000

CLIC also has two ‘Crisis Break’ flats in the seaside town of Sidmouth,
Devon. They are available free of charge and give the family an opportunity to take a break away from the rigours of hospital visits or long-term care.


CLIC also recognises the particular needs of teenagers whose lives are
affected by Cancer and Leukaemia. CLIC supports the work of TOPS (Teenage Oncology Patient Support) which provides activities and events, including a week-long summer holiday and a regular newsletter, with contributions from the members. There is also a pen-pal and e-mail network.

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