Nearly one out of every 100 children born suffers from a heart disorder. But the different kinds of disorder are rare enough for families often to feel very alone. The Children’s Heart Federation (CHF) exists to provide information, support and contact to all families with heart children.

CHF is a federation of family support groups in the UK and Ireland. It provides a freephone helpline 0808 808 500 for parents and professionals, and publishes and distributes a range of information sheets and booklets on the practical problems facing those who have contact with heart children.

Publications include a range of materials covering pre-natal support, discovery of a heart murmur, feeding problems, medicines, pacemakers, and travel abroad as well as booklets for children. Other initiatives include respite care and special holidays for group members, and the provision of computers in paediatric cardiology wards for the education of children who are in hospital.

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