In Touch

Contacts and Information Service for Parents
of Children with Special Needs

IN TOUCH was founded in 1968 with the aim of bringing together parents of children with similar special needs. We cater for all types of disability in children; learning difficulties, physical disabilities or a combination of both. IN TOUCH has a particular interest in assisting those caring for children affected by rare and complex conditions. We have details of a wide range of support groups catering for specific disorders, which help parents to come together for the purpose of mutual support. Where no support group exists, we may be able to link up parents with other families on an individual basis.

IN TOUCH is primarily a service for parents. We answer all enquiries personally and we aim to provide encouragement and support, combined with as much positive information as possible. We are able to refer enquirers to sources of advice on all aspects of caring for a child with special needs; education, aids and equipment, holidays, residential care, leisure etc. About a third of our membership is made up of professionals (health visitors, social workers, teachers, doctors, therapists etc) and other organisations catering for special needs.

No charge is made to those seeking advice on a once-only basis. A newsletter is sent out to approximately 1,000 members, three times a year. Those who wish to receive the newsletter and use the information service on a regular basis may do so by registering as a member of IN TOUCH.

The annual subscription is £7.00 (optional) for parents and carers of children with special needs and £14.00 for professionals and organisations.

Any parent who is unable to subscribe is welcome to receive the newsletter free of charge.


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10 Norman Road
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Tel 0161 905 2440
Fax 0161 718 5787



[boxibt style=”gray”]“Glossary of syndromes associated
with learning difficulty”

Ann Worthington (150 pages) £9.50 (inc p&p)
This book provides a brief description of some of the conditions
which result in learning difficulty in association with recognisable
physical features. It also provides an explanation of the terminology
used in medical literature to describe the features of such disorders.

[boxibt style=”gray”]The Fulton Special Education Digest

Selected Resources for Teachers, Parents and Carers
Edited by Ann Worthington.
Published by David Fulton Publishers. Date of publication June 1999
ISBN number 1 85346 621 2 Paperback 416 larger format pages
Price £18.00 plus £2.00 postage and packing Acquiring accurate, reliable information plays an essential part in assisting the progress of a child with special needs. Yet locating the sources of such information can be complex, confusing and often extremely time-consuming. For the first time, a wide selection of resources and practical, focused information relating to the education and care of children with special needs is available in one accessible volume. Any teacher, learning support assistant, parents or carer of a child with special needs will find this book an essential reference.

Contents include:Details of around 1,000 selected organisations, charities and services that exist to help the child with special needs (Compiled by Ann Worthington) A listing of special schools in the UK and information about how to find out more about inclusive schooling in particular regions Articles on current policies and topical issues in special educational needs A glossary of terms most commonly associated with special education, syndromes and disorders (compiled by Ann Worthington)
Details of major exhibitions and eventsExplanation of the bewildering variety of acronyms commonly used in special education Pointers to resources on the internet.[/boxibt]