The British Allergy Foundation was formed as a registered charity in 1991 by a group of leading specialists who were all determined to improve the awareness, prevention and treatment of allergy.

With the numbers of allergies increasing in the UK and with the numbers of sufferers looking set to continue to rise this century, the British Allergy Foundation’s experts have identified a number of possible causes, which are directly linked to the way we live today:
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  • Exposure to viral infections protects infants against the development of ‘atopy’ (sensitivity to allergens). Reduced exposure to infections in recent years means that today’s children are exposed to fewer infections than in the past, so are more likely to experience an allergic reaction to ‘harmless’ substances such as pollen, peanuts and pets.
  • Greater exposure to a wider range of allergens, e.g. in our food and environment, at an early age. The incidence of the potentially life threatening peanut allergy has doubled during the last ten years. It is now estimated that one in 200 children suffers from a peanut allergy.
  • Greater exposure to pet allergies, as more families have cats or dogs living inside in the home – cats have recently overtaken dogs as the nation’s favourite pet. However research funded by the British Allergy Foundation is currently underway to help cat owners who suffer from allergies to live with their pet.
  • Increased exposure to house dust mites in soft fumishings and carpets encouraged by a greater reliance on the use of central heating in our homes, offices and schools.

Muriel Simmons, Chief Executive of the British Allergy Foundations says:

“There are a number of reasons why allergic conditions are still on the increase and causing untold misery to sufferers. As we begin the 21st century, The British Allergy Foundation would like to see more research being undertaken, in an attempt to slow the allergy march before allergies reach epidemic proportions in the UK.”

The British Allergy Foundation is committed to help allergy suffers and offering practical advice on avoidance measurers, (which does not always have to mean removing your carpets and giving away your cat!).

The British Allergy Foundation has a comprehensive range of information leaflets and literature, which offers advice on lifestyle tips, avoidance measures and treatment advice on a wide range of allergies.

To receive any of these leaflets and find out what other services the British Allergy Foundation can offer, call the Helpline on 020 8303 8583, or write to them at the following address, enclosing a cheque for £10.00 if you wish to become a member:

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