SANDS is a UK charity which was established in l981 to provide support for bereaved parents and their families whose baby has died at or soon after birth. SANDS offers a range of support and we sincerely hope that every bereaved parent will find something which helps them, whether their baby died recently or many years ago. The support offered is:
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  • A national telephone helpline service.
  • A network of local support groups, throughout the UK, run by bereaved parents for bereaved parents.
  • Information and publications for bereaved parents and healthcare professionals.

Sands provides:

National Telephone Helpline Service
SANDS Helpline provides a telephone support service – a chance for bereaved parents, or anyone affected by the stillbirth or death of a baby in the early weeks of life, to talk to someone about their experience. We are experienced telephone counsellors who offer support to up to 300 callers every month,

Our service is:
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  • Confidential
  • Anonymous
  • Just a phone call away.

We can:
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  • Be there to listen to you
  • Give you the phone number of your local SANDS group
  • Give you details of other relevant specialist organisations (where appropriate)
  • Offer a wide range of leaflets and a newsletter to support you. Your call will be taken in complete confidence. If you find it too hard to make a call then please feel that you can e-mail or write to us instead.

Network of Local Support Groups

SANDS groups vary in size, and in some areas support is provided by an individual contact. Groups and contacts offer a range of support, although it will vary from group to group. Befriending support is given by parents who themselves have had a baby who has died. The support offered by groups and contacts may include:
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  • Telephone befriending
  • Home visits
  • Support meetings
  • Support in the next pregnancy
  • Information and books relating to the death of a baby.

Information Service

We may be able to provide more information to parents who know the cause of their baby’s death.
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  • Our resources in the office include textbooks, articles and bibliographies on a range of topics associated with pregnancy loss, stillbirth and neonatal death.
  • We have access to other information resources including the Internet, specialist libraries and expert professional advisers.
  • We have details of more than 80 organisations which offer information and/or support to parents and have good links with many of these.

Our Shared Experiences Register aims to link people whose experience of the death of a baby has been similar in one way or another.

[boxibt style=”success”]Contacting Sands:
28 Portland Place
Office: 020 7436 7940
Helpline:020 7436 5881
Fax: 020 7436 3715

Opening hours
Mon-Fri:10.00am – 5.00pm

Email: SANDS

Website: SANDS[/boxibt]