What we do

ASBAH, formed in 1966, works with people with spina bifida and/or
hydrocephalus, their families and other carers in England, Wales and
Northern Ireland. The association is a registered charity.

ASBAH employs advisers who work alongside our service users, to help them overcome their disabilities and become less dependent on others. We also fund medical and scientific research, campaign on issues of importance to disabled people and publish information sheets, books and a magazine about the disabilities.

ASBAH services

We have area staff advisers, who provide a general service and have their own networks of support in the local community. The area advisers are backed up by specialist advisers, who take on the more complex medical, educational and mobility casework, advocacy and training. ASBAH is in the process of completing its regionalisation programme, with fully-integrated teams now operating on a regional basis in London and the South East, eastern England, north England (both sides of the Pennines), Northern Ireland and Wales.

ASBAH’s Link magazine appears bi-monthly in full colour. The cost of an annual UK subscription is £4.80 (airmail £15). Subscriptions available from Publicity, ASBAH, 42 Park Road, Peterborough PE1 2UQ,


For advice and information about any aspect of spna bifida and
hydrocephalus, please contact:

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National Centre
42 Park Road

Tel: 01733-555988
Fax: 01733-555985
Email: ASBAH

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