Afasic can help

Afasic is the UK charity representing children and young adults with
communication impairments, working for their inclusion in society and supporting their parents and carers. Many children do not develop speech and language as expected. They may experience difficulties with any or all aspects of speech and language – from moving the muscles which control speech to the ability to understand or – use language at all.

Call the Afasic Helpline if you need information or advice – or if you just need to talk.
Helpline 0845 3 55 55 77

Areas covered include:
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  • Speech and language impairments.
  • Speech and language therapy.
  • Assessment.
  • Statements or Records of Special Educational Needs.
  • The role of professionals.
  • Choosing a school for a child with speech and language impairments.
  • State benefits.

Support across the UK

Afasic has Development Officers in many areas of the UK who provide support at a regional and national level. Through Afasic’s local groups parents or carers can give each other support and exchange experiences.


Afasic’s booklets, leaflets and newsletters bring vital information to young people with speech, language and communication impairments, their parents or carers and professionals.

Training, workshops and conferences

Afasic organises a wide range of conferences, workshops and in-service training for parents and professionals – from an introduction to speech and language impairments through to classroom management techniques.

Afasic Activity Programme

Afasic’s Activity Programme gives young people with speech and language impairments the chance to try new skills – from pottery to abseiling – in a supportive environment.
Often the programme includes structured work on improving communication.

Working to improve services

Afasic works with central and local government to improve education and support for children with speech, language or communication difficulties.
It supports research projects, often working in partnership with other organisations.

Supporting professionals

Afasic is committed to supporting professionals with publications, training and information.

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Contact Afasic if you want to know more about speech and language or you are concerned about your child’s communication.

69-85 Old Street

Helpline 0845 3 55 55 77
Phone 020 7841 8900
Fax 020 7841 8901
Minicom 020 7841 8902

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