The Acne Support Group is a registered charity, founded by Dermatologist Dr Tony Chu in 1992. It provides support and information to anyone affected by acne or rosacea (pronounced rose-asia). Since it was established, the group has welcomed over 12,000 members.

The ASG runs a helpline service for anyone concerned about their acne and a specially trained nurse provides a membership telephone helpline for those with specific medical questions.

In return for a modest annual membership fee of £12 for students, oaps or unwaged or £16 for all other categories, you receive a comprehensive fact including two issues of the lively membership magazine Face forward.

Acne can be an extremely distressing part of young adult life, affecting up to 85% of teenagers. Whether you have one spot or a hundred spots, the correct name for spots is acne and the good news is, it can be effectively treated by a huge range of medication available from your doctor.

There are a few simple rules when treating acne. The bad news is that acne doesn’t clear overnight, so any treatments will have to be tried for a minimum of two months before you can start to see if it is a helpful treatment. The aim of treating acne is to greatly reduce the number of spots and stop new spots forming. Treatments will often include creams or lotions which may sting or leave the skin flaky and red. This can be extremely off putting, but in order to improve the acne, you will need to persevere with your medication.

Cosmetic and off-the-shelf products can help with cleaning the skin and improve it’s texture, but should not be considered to be a treatment.

The Acne Support Group has a wide range of information available on the choice of treatments available, as well as a myth busting fact sheet which clears up the old wives tales.

No one need suffer the misery of acne and worse still, the scarring which can result if the skin is left untreated. Get informed, take action and stick to your medication and you should be the one in control of your skin, not the other way around.

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Howard House,
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Telephone 0208 841 4747 for a free factsheet.[/boxibt]