What is TRT®
TRT® stands for The Radiance Technique®. It is a uniquely powerful energy science, as effective today as it was eleven thousand years ago. An ancient science, yet is ideal for use in today’s stress-filled world. Its efficacy proven by the tens of thousands of people who use it daily to benefit themselves.

The Radiance Technique®, TRT® and Authentic Reiki® are all registered names for the same, whole, 7 degree, transcendental energy system. As a healing/wholing technique for self-help and use on others, it is truly unique. It can be effectively combined withalternative therapies, such as massage, reflexology, acupuncture and homeopathy.

To heal means to make whole and, ultimately, wholeness is true health. Positive health gives you a real zest for living. TRT® works uniquely from the inside out. That is why it helps all of you – body, mind and spirit. TRT® aids the healing process along side all kinds of medical and/or alternative treatments. TRT® helps effectively combat unwanted side-effects from drugs. TRT® supports recovery after illness or surgery. It helps with shock and bereavement. TRT®-aligned bodies recover their natural resilience far more rapidly.

How does TRT work?
TRT is a vibrational energy system which allows access to a fine, transcendental energy. It ‘works’ from the inner to the outer. Imagine dropping a pebble into a pond. Thevibrational waves circle ever outwards from the central point – inner to outer. So it is with TRT, inner to outer, sensitively touching all parts of you, body and spirit, mind and emotions.

The TRT session
You rest comfortably and fully clothed, while your practitioner places their hands on different areas of your head, front and back. They are balancing the major organs, andall of your many body systems: circulatory, immune, endocrine etc. Harmonising and expanding you on all levels. During your TRT® session you can talk to your practitioner remain quietly resting or just listen to music.

Will TRT help with discomfort and pain relief?
Yes. Pain release (ie. from migraine, tension headaches, etc.) often follows the relaxing“hands-on” sessions – natural endorphines are released through using TRT.

Are there any side-affects from using TRT?
No. The gentle, transcendental energy of TRT has no side effects – is absolutely harmless – The more you use it the better. TRT balances the mental and emotional parts of you,bringing you peace of mind, even though you may be meeting enormous challenges in your daily life.

Does TRT require effort and concentration?
No. TRT is very simple to use and easy to apply. No effort is required, as TRT is a form of transcendental meditation with the hands. It by-passes the mind quite naturally However, you don’t have to do anything specific, other than place your hands on the positions that are shown to you.

Can I do TRT at my workplace?
Yes. TRT can be used anywhere, in any situation — you don’t have to prepare yourself in any way. The energy of TRT will pass through your clothes and even plaster casts and the hand positions are so natural looking that even a few minutes at different times of the day will serve to benefit you and help you remain calm.

Will I feel the energy?
You may have a sense of warmth, or even coolness, as your hands move from one place to another. The energy of TRT is transcendental (beyond the senses) so, strictly speaking, you can’t actually feel the energy, even while it is working. However, you will usually experience a sense of great peacefulness and calm during, and after, a “hands-on” session, or even after only using just a few of the positions. Whatever your experience, it will be uniquely your own.

Will it help personal growth?
Self-awareness is the key to personal growth and self development. TRT allows for an easy “awakening” to take place. Become the observer of your body/emotions/mind, as you drink in TRT’s healing/wholing energy, developing your intuition, your inner senses – helping with psychological integration.

Does TRT work on everyone?
Anyone can learn TRT and use it on themselves. Everyone can benefit. As long as you do it and practise it, as shown to you, TRT will support and sustain you through all of life’s adventures, experiences and challenges.

The Radiance Technique and Managing Stress
by Marvelle Lightfields Stress is a major factor in all disease. This informative book helps develop awareness of your stress, whilst offering practical ways of interacting with it, using TRT.

The ‘Reiki’ Factor in The Radiance Technique
by Dr Barbara Ray Inspiring, informative introduction by the living authority on the authentic system of seven degrees, including a chapter relating to stress.

On the Job: TRT and its myriad uses in the workplace
by Fred Wright.

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The Radiance Technique® and TRT® are service marks registered in USA by The Radiance Technique International Association.[/boxibt]