Is a powerful healing method which offers you an experience of freedom and mastery in your life. It uses a simple breathing technique with a new understanding of the power of thought. Relaxing and releasing the breath dissolves tensions in the body and mind.

Rebirthing sessions develop self-awareness, sensitivity and self-confidence. As a result there is a developing sense of physical safety, of trust in relationships, and of our own responsibility in life. The breathing we use is a gentle, deep and connected breath in a rhythm which is natural and unique for each person.

A skilled Rebirther will guide you to the discovery of your own rhythm and will encourage and support you to keep your breathing relaxed and easy. The breathing has the effect of building up the energy in the body, in much the same way as doing physical exercise. Since, in this case, you are not burning up the energy, it is free to work for you in a different way.

This is a physical process which helps access and heal deep patterns which can include birth experiences. It works on the principle that there is a direct connection between mental and physical wellbeing and the openness of the breathing.

After a series of sessions – usually around 10 – with a Rebirther, you can continue the process by yourself as a regular form of relaxation, transformation and purification. The beauty of using the breath is that it enables you to be more relaxed and aware at the same time, and so you are in a receptive frame of mind to meet the challenges and opportunities of daily life.

Another way of experiencing Rebirthing is in a group setting and many Rebirthers also run workshops. We recommend that you do both: individual sessions with one Rebirther to work on yourself in detail and workshops to gain more support and wider perspective through interacting with others.

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