Iridology is the study of the Iris of the eye, ( the coloured sector ) , to determine information about the bodily genetic strengths and weaknesses, levels of inflamation and toxaemia, efficiency of the elimination systems and organs, and the causes of symptoms and disease.

Iridology is a universal language common to all living beings. The Iris, which is connected to the brain via the hypothalamus, acts like a control panel, giving readouts on conditions in various parts of the body. The iris was part of the brain in the embryonic stages of development in the womb, and extends out from the brain on the Iris Stalk. Thousands of nerve endings make up the Iris.

Iridology helps the patient learn about their strengths and weaknesses and become more personally aware of what they can do to help themselves. This knowledge is not to be feared but welcomed. ‘ Man Know Thyself ‘ is an important step towards health.

Iridology monitors the movement towards disease and towards health. As the bodily tissues become less inflamed or congested, the iris registers the treatment response, and the healing process.

Iridology is a diagnostic science. In the hands of a well – trained Iridologist, your iris provides a microchip of information and members of the Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists are qualified not only in Iridology but also in at least one theraputic science. Their understanding of the pathways of disease will enable them to explain your current health status to you and also to guide you as to the best ways of reversing conditions and managing genetic weakness.

Iridology, is a safe, non – invasive and inexpensive method of analysis and can be integrated with both orthodox and complementary medicine.
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The Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists If you would like to learn more about Iridology, the organisation to contact is: The Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists 94 Grosvenor Road London SW1V 3LF

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The Guild is the only umbrella body in the United Kingdom, and carries the register for all qualified Iridologists. For a training prospectus send £2.00 in stamps. For a Register send a S.A.E.[/boxibt]