I am sure that the majority of you reading this will have used, or bought, or have been given Aromatherapy products; and indeed the term Aromatherapy for most people conjures up “a nice smell”.

That’ s a good start, but to fully experience the wonders of Aromatherapy you must try an Aromatherapy treatment at the hands of an experienced, qualified, Clinical Aromatherapist.

So what really is Aromatherapy ? – It is the art, and science of using aromas; essential plant oils, in treatments. It can be described as both an art and a science ; as an art because of the intuitive and creative aspects of preparing special blends for each individual person, and a science because it relies on sound scientific knowledge

Aromatherapy is a holisitc therapy, which means it takes into account the Mind, Body and Spirit of the Client. Therefore, the first treatment lasts approximately one and a half hours, with thirty minutes being a holisitc/clinical diagnosis, followed by the treatment as prescribed by the Aromatherapist. The treatment is most often in the form of massage, but can also be prescriptions for an Aromatic bath, for oils to be vapourised, or oils to be used as inhalations, or as compresses.

An essential oil is a highly concentrated, aromatic substance which evaporates easily. Each drop is extremely strong so must be used with care and with a specific set of rules and guidelines. For instance, essential oils should not be used undiluted, except by a Clinically trained Aromatherapist. Dosages for the elderly and the very young should be calculated carefully, and only oils that are pure, natural and derived from a known source should be used for treatments.

So… Aromatherapy is not just about “nice smells”, although those are certainly always present, it is a complete system of healing, which when properly used, with its distinct lack of side effects, helps people not just to relax, but also to re-establish homeostasis (harmony) in their body and to balance or ground a person to achieve a state of equilibrium whilst promoting and maintaining good health and vitality.
by Helena Trump (Chair of IFA)

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