These case studies have been reproduced with kind permission from the book the essentials of mctimoney chiropractic, courtney & andrews, isdn 0722537476.

For the last almost thirty years McTimoney Chiropractors have treated thousands of people across the UK using the chiropractic treatment developed by John McTimoney. John’s philosophy was based on DD Palmer’s original discoveries and Dr Walker’s teaching, that the main cause of disease and pain is the misalignment of bones, chiefly in the spine, which in turn interrupts the functioning of the nervous system, and affects our general health.

Today, as chiropractic treatment continues to gain ever-growing approval from the medical profession, still more and more people are discovering the many benefits treatment can bring. Back pain, migraines, sciatica and more severe problem These are just some of the symptoms regularly seen by McTimoney chiropractors. The following case histories will demonstrate the success of the treatment and show some of the many varied conditions for which treatment can be beneficial.

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