By Clare Midgely

My intention is to show you how Bach Remedies fit in to everyday life and help people cope with the problems and challenges that they can’t necessarily do anything else to change. If the brain is continually emotionally stimulated then eventually physical imbalances will result as a result of excessive production of the adrenal hormones.

This connection between emotional stresses and the health of the physical body is researched as PHYSCHONEUROIMMUNOLOGY. It is important to deal with these stresses as best you can, given that some things can not be changed. An example of this would be bereavement. Nothing can change the fact, but Bach Remedies can help you live with the situation to the best of your ability and bring your body into a state of homeostasis or balance. I believe that this case study shows this principle in action.

Mrs H. aged about 65 years had been a widow for just over 12 months. I knew her to pass the time of day with, but not closely, as she is reserved and centred on her family who have all left home. She came to me in distress to ask if my husband or me would help her put her car in to her garage. She had ‘scraped’ the car a couple of days before and was now afraid of a repeat performance. My husband performed the practical task whilst I chatted to her to try and calm her. In conversation it came out that her husband ‘had always taken care of things like that’ and that she missed him a lot, and was always thinking about the happier times in the past that they had shared.

She confessed that she had not ‘come to terms’ with his death, but that she really did want to move on and be happy with her family and grandchildren and enjoy the role of grandmother. She expressed her feelings very clearly and I decided to offer her a Bach mixture, which she accepted readily.

The key points that came out in conversation that allowed me to select appropriate remedies for her were:
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  • She could not get the previous incident of scraping her car out of her mind describing it as ‘a video player in her head’. Her sleep was also disturbed by these thoughts. This is a key indication for the remedy WHITE CHESTNUT that is chosen for persistent, unwanted thoughts that interfere with concentration and day to day life.
  • She was so afraid of damaging the car again, that she was too frightened to even try to garage the car herself. LARCH is the remedy for lack of confidence and I suppose of a ‘fear’ of failure, even though it is not a remedy for fear. It helps people cope with the feeling that they may as well not try and do anything, because they are convinced of, and fear failure. Having noted her reserved character, and her fear I also chose MIMULUS. This is the remedy for a named or known fear and the remedy to help with shyness. It is often of use alongside larch.
  • She remarked that she was not really content with her day to day life, dwelling on the happier times in the past that she had shared with her husband. HONEYSUCKLE was the obvious choice here. Its main indication is nostalgia, and ‘living in the past’. This means that the person needing this remedy is not in the present moment and thus misses out on life.
  • She expressed a wish to ‘get on with’ her life and try to enjoy her family and her home once again. WALNUT was chosen to help break links, and to adjust to any life change.
  • I also chose STAR OF BETHLEHEM. This remedy is to ease grief and deal with shock and trauma, no matter how long ago the incident took place. It is of obvious help to a grieving widow, but also deals with the smaller shock of scraping the car.

These six remedies were mixed at two drops each into a 30ml (one fluid ounce) dropper bottle and topped up with still mineral water and an optional teaspoon of brandy as a preservative. I instructed her to take 4 drops of the mixture 4 times daily and whenever she was feeling upset or distressed. I mixed her enough for about 3 weeks worth of ‘treatment’.

One week later she was thrilled at how she was now coping with the car and with other aspects of her life. She told me that she was not so frightened now, and that she thought she might move house to be nearer her family. She was sleeping well, and personally found it hard to believe that a little bottle of drops could have lifted her spirits so much!

This is a very quick result for a Bach treatment bottle – the only explanation that I have is that it was the right time for the remedies to support her, and that she was actively seeking help. I would normally review a treatment bottle after3 to 6 weeks. This lady has since moved house, and is getting on with her life as a grandmother.

Bach remedies are safe for everybody to use for themselves if they wish. They are chosen on the mood, character or emotional state expressed, and not on the physical expression of an illness.

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