Webhealth .co.uk receives over 15,000- 20,000 visits every month mainly from the UK.
So it makes sense to reach your potential customers with an advert on our site.

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The cost?
The current cost is £ 49.00 per quarter to be on all 1200+ pages of the site.

About the advert
The advert will appear on the Right Hand Side of the page which has been shown to be one of the most visually looked at areas.

A maximum of 5 banners will be displayed on a rotation basis.

Banner specifications:
File type: ‘.gif’ or ‘.jpeg’
Pixel Width:  269
Pixel Height: 315
Maximum File size: 15k
Maximum animation loop: 4x

Banner Design
We can use your banner design if you already have one (subject to approval), or we can design a banner for you- cost £35.00.

Contact us and talk about it.


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