Acne is a very common condition affecting up to 80% of all adolescents. It may also be a persistent disease extending through into late adult life causing great distress.

Acne often resolves naturally although there is help out there to speed speed up the process.

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Two Major Abnormalities Cause Acne

What is AcneIn acne there are two major abnormalities.
The first is a blockage that develops in the pore of the skin. The pore is the exit route for oil produced by the oil glands in the skin which then leaks out onto the surface of the skin and lubricates it. These partial blockages are initially microscopic and cannot be seen but as they get bigger, they develop into blackheads and white heads.

The second and very important change is caused by an acute blockage of the pore such that the oil accumulates deep in the skin and this leads to the proliferation of a bacterium within the skin that then leads to inflammation and eventual pus formation.

The bacterium that seems to cause acne is called Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) and is present in everybody’s skin, usually lodged in the hair root. This particular bacterium is what is called an anaerobic bacterium. That means that it can only live when there is a minimum amount of oxygen about. The conditions within the hair follicle are thus ideal for its natural habitat.[/boxibt]

Some facts about acne

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  • Acne sufferers are currently treated with long-term oral antibiotics or by proprietary creams which are applied to the infested area.
  • The condition causes enormous distress to millions of people, leading a significant number to become reclusive and even attempt suicide.
  • Acne sufferers tend to be between 13 and 24 years old, although significant numbers either carry on into their 30’s and 40’s or contract it in later life.
  • It is thought that up to 80% of adolescents suffer acne to some degree.
  • There is no significant evidence that food has an effect on acne.
  • Acne is exacerbated by stress.


Some Tips for Acne Sufferers:

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  • Cleanse your skin with a neutral pH soap.
  • If you use cosmetics look for products labelled ‘non comedogenic’ and light possibly oil-free moisturisers.
  • Try to use oil-free sunscreens; heavy sunscreens might be suitable for your limbs but not your face.
  • Always try a new product on a test area of skin for a few days to ensure that your skin will tolerate it.
  • Do not worry about diet – there is no clinical evidence that diet affects acne.
  • Try to avoid stress as it is known to aggrevate the condition.
  • Mike Walden’s Step by Step process.