We are the national organisation of spinal cord injured people.

We represent all their interests regardless of how the impairment
occurred, whether or not it has resulted in full or partial paralysis.
Our purpose is to promote the integration and full participation in
society of our members, by encouraging them to become fulfilled and in control of their lives.

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  • Offer support to individuals who become paralysed and their families,
    from the moment a spinal cord injury occurs, for the rest of their lives.
  • Provide services and publications which enable and encourage paralysed
    people to lead independent lives.
  • Campaign for improved medical and social care about spinal cord injury.

Our slogan is:

“Because life needn’t stop when you’re paralysed”

We have a FREEPHONE information line on 0800 980 0501 which will enable people to ask questions about all aspects surrounding spinal cord injury. We also have a Counselling Line, which operates in the afternoons on 020 8883 4296

Our web site at www.spinal.co.uk enables those wanting to know more about spinal cord injuries and to read about the experiences of other paraplegics, tetraplegics and Walkers. This web site has a dedicated Chat Room and a busy Bulletin Board used by English speakers all over the world!

[boxibt style=”success”]Spinal Injuries Association
76 St James Lane
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Tel: 020 8444 2121

For Further information visit the website