Our vision

RNID’s vision is a world where deafness and hearing loss are not
barriers to opportunity and fulfillment.

Our mission:
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  • To be a powerful force for change with government, and public
    and private sector organisations.
  • To change radically the attitudes and behaviour of individuals
    towards deaf and hard of hearing people.
  • To provide services directly to deaf and hard of hearing people to
    improve their everyday lives.
  • To be a catalyst for research in medicine and technology to
    improve the lives of people with a hearing loss.
  • We seek to work in partnership with those who share our vision and

What we do
The Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID) is the largest
charity representing the 8.7 million deaf and hard of hearing people
in the UK. As a membership charity, we aim to achieve a radically
better quality of life for deaf and hard of hearing people. We do this
in the following ways:
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  • Campaigning and lobbying vigorously to change laws and government
  • Providing information and raising awareness of deafness, hearing loss
    and tinnitus.
  • Communication services including sign language interpreters, training
    courses and consultancy on deafness and disability.
  • RNID membership, for anyone with an interest in deafness and
    hearing loss.
  • Seeking lasting change in education for deaf children and young
  • Employment programmes to help deaf people into work.
  • Care services for deaf people with special needs.
  • RNID Typetalk, funded by BT, the national telephone relay service
    for deaf and hard of hearing people.
  • Equipment and products for deaf and hard of hearing people.
  • Social, medical and technical research.
  • RNID’s work supports hundreds of thousands of deaf and hard of hearing people every year.

Please visit our website at:
for more information.