Association for Cushing’s Treatment and Help

We are a support group for people suffering from all forms of Cushings syndrome The Association is patient-led and patient-run, sensitive to the needs of Cushings patients.

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  • Patient-to-patient contact and support, and finding sources of counselling for individual sufferers.
  • Patient-led identification of the things that sufferers need from their carers, to inform the caring proffessionals.
  • Patient-guided production of written information for suffers, in co-operation with medical advice. For example, an information booklet for newly diagnosed patients.
  • Information sheet for the families of sufferers to help them manage the impact on family life.
  • Individuals accounts of the illness.
  • Information sheets relating to post operative conditions and medications.
  • A Newsletter.

The Set Up

The Association was started in October 1993 with the help of the Endocrinologist, Dr Chris Burke.

The Coordinator is progressively supported by a network of Regional Coordinators who will be beat placed to put individual people in touch with each other. Each coordinator keeps in touch with their area. They will meet or correspond as a forum for exchanging feedback on the needs of members, and coordinating the Association written information, with technical advice from a small medical advisory group. A small Management Committee will take the responsibility for fund-raising from the shoulders of the coordinators. The Association is self funded by an annual membership fee.

[boxibt style=”gray”]MOST IMPORTANTLY – Ring the Association for Cushing’s Treatment and Help on 01628 670389, regardless of your personal situation we will help you.
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Coordinator: Miss Elaine Eldridge
Telephone: 01628 670389
Fax: 01628 415603
Email: [/boxibt]