Cruse Bereavement Care is the UK’s largest and only national organisation that helps and supports anyone who has been bereaved by death. Since 1959 Cruse has been providing advice, counselling and information on practical matters for bereaved people entirely free of charge. Cruse has learnt that it is time and talking that help soothe the immediate pain and sorrow. Time and talking are fundamental to all the services we offer to anyone bereaved. Cruse’s bereavement support is delivered through a network of nearly 7,000 highly committed volunteers working in the community, in 185 branches across the UK. Last year 107,000 sought our help and advice and Cruse provided bereavement counselling support to 21,500 new clients. Cruse also offers training, support, information and publications to those working to care for bereaved people. Cruse aims to increase public awareness of the needs of bereaved people through education and information services. As a National Charity Cruse depends upon the generosity of individuals to continue our work helping bereaved people.

Key points on the work of CRUSE Bereavement Care
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  • Cruse have been caring for bereaved people since 1959.
  • CRUSE Bereavement Care offers a UK wide service of free information, advice, social support and counselling to anyone who has been bereaved by death.
  • Cruse helps people grieve and mourn by providing someone who will listen
  • Cruse provides a range of services to help bereaved people – home visits, drop in centres, groups and telephone support.
  • CRUSE Bereavement Care provides training, support and information to those who are caring for the bereaved.
  • Cruse has a network of nearly 7,000 volunteers across the UK working to help bereaved people.
  • Last year 107,000 people contacted Cruse for help and information, that means that we help the loved ones of 1/5th of the people who die each year.
  • Last year Cruse provided one-to-one support for 21,500 new clients including 1,300 aged under 18.
  • CRUSE Bereavement Care aims to increase awareness of the needs of bereaved people through education and information.

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