That is why our directory is so special, it’s all about being found.

We have over 20,000 visitors per month

When you join our directory you can:

  • Add the therapy you practice
  • Tell them all about yourself and what matters to you
  • Let them know how you can help
  • Say where you are
  • Upload photos & images
  • Choose to have your name or anything you want in the url. (one of Google’s key methods to identify and find you)
  • Put in key words and search terms for you entry (which Google will pick up on and give you a higher ranking)
  • Have a Google map linked to your entry plus loads of other tricks to make sure you are found

So it is like your own mini website that is easy to find. 

To make it even more special the directory has a FREE option with all those feature

So it won’t cost you a penny.

If you choose the £4.77 per month entry you can

  • add your email, which is protected from spam.
  • Add your website This will increase the Google rankings of your site, because Google considers if such a popular site as Webhealth lists your site then you must be worth ranking higher. It’s also been shown, if potential clients have lots of different ways to check you out, then they are more likely approach you, which is the idea
  • Plus for your £4.77  you get lots of other cool stuff
  • Like a Free 4 part video series on practice building. (find out about how I got my 6 month waiting list to see me with no marketing)
  • In addition we feed and educate a child for a week at one of our chosen villages.

Google recently changed its criteria for ranking sites; it now loves big sites again rather than a single page with loads of words. It especially likes big sites that change. That suits us fine as we have over 1500 information pages and now each time someone joins the directory that is a new page and the site changes too.

Here’s a video showing you how easy it is to join.



It is very simple to join and promote your practice and make sure people find you  CLICK HERE