Three cases published in the Radionic Journal

[boxibt style=”gray”]Case 1

Helen, aged 32, pains in legs, difficulty in walking. Diagnosed as having bone condition which would necessitate taking steroids for life. Radionic analysis showed toxic effect of vehicle exhausts, together with lack of calcium and vitamin D. Patient, of West African extraction, worked in shoe-shop in central London in semi-darkness and did not take milk products. Treated radionically to attempt to clear effects of exhaust fumes, and suggested that she might try calcium and vitamin D supplement. Pains disappeared in 2 weeks, and no steroids were needed: two years later, still well.

Many cases of chronic fatigue respond well to radionic treatment, for example:
[boxibt style=”gray”]Case 2

John, 22, self-employed, chronically tired with symptoms diagnosed as M.E. Radionic analysis indicated major block in energy field due to pesticide exposure. On questioning, revealed that as teenager had worked on farm dipping sheep with bare arms. Radionic treatment for pesticide contamination given: patient’s energy recovered in a few weeks, returned to work.

Patients may appear to get worse before they get better, for example:
[boxibt style=”gray”]Case 3

Charles, 56, writer, chronic fatigue for 20 years. Radionic analysis indicated blockages to the energy field caused by mercury amalgam, vaccinations and electromagnetic pollution. Two weeks after starting radionic treatment experienced massive aggravation ‘ felt indescribably awful’: after two further weeks patient began to recover and felt ‘significantly better’. Continuing to slowly improve with regular radionic treatment.

Although some patients respond quickly, in practice those suffering from chronic conditions require regular radionic analyses and treatment over a period of months. For both practitioners and patients the experience seems to be one of ‘peeling layers off the onion’.

Radionic treatment can give comfort and support to those with terminal illnesses.