By Deirdre Halstead, Louise Halstead and John Halstead

An account of our experience of ‘Spiritual Healing’.

Our five-month-old kitten, Ludwig was very poorly. He was drinking masses amounts of water and was clearly unwell. The vet ran several blood tests, which proved conclusively that Ludwig was suffering from severe kidney failure. Only 15% of his kidney tissue was working, the vet said that Ludwig could not live much longer, only a few weeks at most. As we were not prepared to have him put to sleep there and then, Ludwig was given steroid injections; we were told that this would only help him for a short time and to prepare ourselves for the worst.

We remembered reading in a cat magazine about ‘alternative treatments’ for cats and a telephone number was provided for the National Federation of Spiritual Healers. We rang up and the federation gave us the number of a local healer – Mrs Marion Walker. Although Marion usually dealt with humans, she agreed to treat Ludwig. Marion came to our house the very next day, and simply sat next to Ludwig and held her hands over Ludwig’s body whilst giving him the healing. During his healing, Ludwig slept, but we noticed his little body twitching whilst the healing took place. Marion came every week for the next eight weeks, but from the very first treatment we saw an improvement. Ludwig started to eat, drank less, and started playing. Since that first treatment he never needed another steroid injection. After the initial weekly healing sessions Marion saw Ludwig less often – twice a month and the monthly. After six months, it was very clear that Ludwig was ‘healed’. The vet was amazed and simply couldn’t and still can’t, believe it. Ludwig is now five and a half years old; he is extremely healthy, strong, and full of energy and mischief. Ludwig is quite simply living proof that healing can work.

In answer to any of Marion’s patients who wonder if it is necessary to believe in healing for it to work, she tells them of Ludwig and shows them his photographs, one of a very poorly cat before healing and one of a very healthy cat after healing.