Vicki was interviewed for an article about Radionics that appeared in the Daily Express. However, Vicki felt that her enthusiasm about Radionics was not adequately expressed in the article and was keen to share her enthusiasm with us through the pages of this journal. Radionic Journal 46 (1) 18-19 August 2000

This is just so exciting for me to be writing about Radionics. I can almost say I am ‘glad” to have been so ill and that conventional medicine had failed me and hence a friend had said “Phone this number I’m sure they can help you”, which is precisely what I did.

Like many people I wondered what Radionics was and how it worked – but only for a brief moment because I found that it worked immediately for me so why ask questions. It was just so wonderful to feel well again. After all, our dogs have used Radionics many times and their health always benefits from the treatment and they don’t ask any questions. They just wag their tails with happiness!

I could write columns about my experiences with Radionics – I have been a patient for 16 years. However, I think it would be more appropriate to just tell you about many of the symptoms I have had. It all started with such a bad back I couldn’t stand, sit, lie down, and drive the car, shop for food to feed my family. You name it, I couldn’t do it. But Radionics fixed all of that!

Since that time I have used it for the prevention of burning after radiotherapy (I had breast cancer and decided to have the tumour removed surgically), all the psychological problems that one experiences when you have cancer, any follow up symptoms that I may have had as a result of the operation, for example blocked lymph glands which responded brilliantly to Radionics, post-operative treatment after varicose vein surgery, an hysterectomy, stress, flu, depression, menopausal symptoms, fatigue -really the list is endless.

My children are great fans and suffice it to say that without the help of our practitioner I think their exam nerves would have got the better of them but thankfully they have passed all their exams feeling relaxed and confident with many good nights’ sleep beforehand. They know when the pressure is getting to them because they can’t sleep. Then they phone our Practitioner – the wand has been waved!

As you can probably tell we are enormous ‘fans’, for want of a better word, of Radionics and very rarely ever visit a doctor. However, I feel that it is important for me to say that I have learned through my illnesses and from talking to my Practitioner that I personally have come to the conclusion that a lot of the symptoms we present are often outward signs of something far deeper and more complex going on inside and it is the recognition of these deep psychological issues and the coming to terms with them that will improve your health. As I have already mentioned I have used Radionics for many years now and my Practitioner has got to know me well and has helped me see my life in a completely new light e.g. take responsibility for your own actions, don’t blame others for the way you are feeling because you have the power to take control of your own emotions. I am still learning about the power of the mind but there is one fact I’m sure of. It plays an enormous role in our state of health and I shall always be eternally grateful to my Practitioner for the many hours spent with me helping me to come to this point because I feel so much more in control of ‘my’ life than I ever have prior to this point in time.

This knowledge has also proved so helpful when talking to other people because they, like me, have begun to see a new way of looking at problems in their lives which have been making them ill, and now they find, by seeing these problems differently, that they are happier and healthier people.

As I said earlier I could write for hours about Radionics but rather than do so I hope you can glean from this article some of the benefits you can receive from its use. I personally believe that its uses have only just touched the tip of the iceberg. As our Practitioners grow so does their knowledge and I can’t help asking where will it end? The answer is – it probably will never end because there will always be something new to discover. I’m so glad I discovered ‘it’ – Radionics – and my Practitioner!

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