By Anne-Lise Miller

Lisa came to see me with severe knee pain and a hospital appointment six weeks later to have both her knees cut open and scraped.

At 63 she runs a wild life rescue centre and has a very physically demanding daily schedule of feeding and cleaning the animals in her care. Her knees were so painful she was desperate to find a way of managing the pain so she could carry on looking after her demanding hosts.

During her first appointment she expressed her determination to follow all of my suggestions and to trust the process fully. For that reason I was able to go straight into the therapy without wasting time building her trust.

The first three sessions were spaced a week apart and I concentrated on strengthening the muscles supporting the knees ( sartorius quadriceps gracillis bicep femoris etc.). The main overall emerging picture was that her stress levels being high her adrenals were exhausted. She needed nutritional support. I also recommended her to eat small and often and cut out sugar and caffeine.

On her fourth visit she announced that she had cancelled her hospital appointment because her pain and general wellbeing was so much better. However she still felt some pain at certain time of the day and I decided to concentrate more specifically on the inflammation causing the pain. I tested her food sensitivities and found her to be sensitive to dairy and wheat I also found that she responded positively to antibiotic herbs. She phoned me three days latter and said that she was climbing the walls with the cravings and that her knees felt a lot worse. I encouraged her to carry on and a week latter she phoned again to tell me that she was practically pain free.

Since Lisa has been coming for regular maintenance treatments and is feeling stronger and fitter than she has done for years

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Anne-Lise Miller

Anne-Lise practices kinesiology, colonic hydrotherapy and aromatherapy. Her aim is to provide a safe and attractive environment to stimulate the senses and inspire all to reconnect with what is sacred and beautiful as a way to transcend everyday stumbling blocks and limitations. She welcomes anyone who is looking to practice a healthier life style based on the sound and simple principles of naturopathy

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