By Harriet Di Luzio

This is a case studyconcerning a happily married young lady, 34 years of age with a bubbly infectious personality extremely good with people who also loved to chat. You couldn’t fail to like her as she always came with a smile on her face.

She herself had a responsible job with an international airline. She thoroughly enjoyed her job, the down side to which was shift work, including late nights sometimes into the early hours as she kept delayed passengers informed and then the extremely early morning starts. Six days on and three days off was her usual rota.A non-smoker and social drinker, only at birthdays, Christmas and family occasions.

[boxibt style=”gray”]Her presenting symptoms were recorded by the iris analysis done at the time, which showed the following: –

  1. Severe headaches
  2. Stress rings
  3. Immune system depletion
  4. Elimination problems from lymphatic system and digestive system
  5. Endocrine weakness /irregular periods
  6. Exhaustion
  7. Depleted nervous system
  8. Indications of insufficient fluid intake

This young lady desperately wanted a baby; she had had two miscarriages. One pregnancy had resulted in the birth of a child during her fifth month of pregnancy but baby died shortly after.
Then 18 months later she had an ectopic pregnancy, which resulted in surgery at ten weeks, whereupon her right fallopian tube was removed. She kept her right ovary. Her Doctor had introduced Folic acid into her regime.

As I gently spoke to her about examining her left then right iris telling her that I would talk her through what I found, which was as indicated in the above list, I also asked her if she was open to suggestions, which she eagerly said yes anything, such was her desire to be a mother.

The really interesting aspect of Iridology is that by examining each iris, you get first hand information concerning the level of toxins in the body, where they are and what bodily system they are having an effect on. Here I found there was poor elimination from the bowels, a poor blood circulatory system leading to both an inefficient immune and lymphatic system. My immediate reaction went to dealing with elimination from the bowels, unless this system began working this young lady would find things difficult, the added problem was the lady was always putting off a motion. If she felt the urge to open her bowels at the work place she said it was difficult to leave her station as it needed a supervisor to take over from her, this it appeared was standard practise. Another aspect of this was that she also neglected having any form of liquid refreshment for the same reason.

So we discussed her options together and we both decided that unless the stagnation in the bowel was eliminated from the body, exhaustion would continue to be a problem. She readily agreed to be part of her own treatment. The very next day she brought a pure bristle body brush and began to enhance the circulation of the blood, with dry skin brushing. Following this with hot then cold showers she immediately began to have a spring in her step and actually began to look forward to the start of her day wherever that was in her work shift pattern. She also began to take herbs for the bowels. The herbs in this formula included Buckthorn, Cascara, Cayenne, Clover, Coughgrass, Dandelion, Ginger, Liquorice, and Lobelia. I have not included the amounts of herbs, as this may not be the correct for you the reader, your practitioner is the one you should consult. However an immediate effect was felt from this formula and after a week the severe headaches she had experienced began to subside. So the initial response to treatment was encouraging as toxins began to be eliminated.

In iridology there are constitutional strengths and weaknesses which are seen in the iris. This particular lady was prone to allergies, swollen glands, skin eruptions, and eye irritations, calcium deficiency and weak glands namely the thyroid and adrenals as well as a sensitive nervous system. Therefore she tended to be somewhat anxious at times. Relaxation appeared to be something that she didn’t do much of, complaining of not having enough time for most things except work.

So weekly sessions of reflexology began to take place. The first session was getting to know the feet as some people find it very odd having their feet touched by another. It took a little while for the lady to allow herself to relax, when she did relax it was quite noticeable. All areas of the feet were tense perhaps in anticipation. I then told her to drink plenty of water until I saw her next week, as this would prove beneficial. The following session was scheduled for a week later with her more tender points being the thoracic and transverse colon both on the right medial side. At the end of the treatment and looking pale she asked for a moment to herself. When she had composed herself she mentioned that the pervious week, her first session caused her a headache, but since she’d been seeing me which was eight weeks now, she’d actually only had one headache whereas normally she was getting three a week. One could consider that the herbs were working on one level and the reflexology on another but both giving their own therapeutic expertise.

Her last period was in March and the next was now 26 days late. She had done a pregnancy test, which proved negative. She wanted to know when the best time to start trying for a baby was. Again I spoke to her about proper dietary habits and not the odd snack here and there that she would call a meal. She readily agreed that this was what was still going on as she had still not managed to get into any sort of discipline when it came to eating. This I felt was an area that caused her great anxiety as her constant worry about when or where she would be, and in what situation she should find herself in when she may need the toilet. So continued encouragement whenever she ate better than she had I wholeheartedly acknowledged.

It’s now June and it’s been eight days since her last relaxing reflexology appointment and still no period. She had been free of pain until the day before she came; the pain had come and just went again. Herbs for the cleansing of the reproductive system were given these included Squaw vine, Raspberry Leaves, Cayenne, Golden Seal and Cramp Bark.

Squaw Vine was bought to us via the North American Indians and is said to be one of the best remedies for preparing the uterus for child bearing. Along with Raspberry leaves whose actions include strengthening and toning the tissues of the womb. Cayenne, which is one of the most useful systemic stimulants, strengthens the heart, the arteries, as well as being a powerful circulatory herb thereby regulating the blood flow. Golden Seal’s action is that of a tonic, astringent, muscular stimulant and as this can stimulate the involuntary muscles of the uterus it is to be avoided in pregnancy.
Cramp Bark is both an anti-spasmodic and sedative. It relieves painful cramps associated with the menstrual cycle, which our lady had been experiencing in the past. Once again no amount of the dosage is given here, as you all are so totally unique that you requirements will of course differ and I urge you all to consult with your practitioner on these matters.

Reflexology treatments continued and one in particular was of great interest to her. Working on her left foot at the uterus point the lady reported feeling warmth along what she called her bikini line and she felt this held some significance. On the right foot as I worked her tender area’s included the lymphatic drainage point, breast and diaphragm.

Reflexology now became fortnightly as her work schedule changed.
The next session two weeks later found her coming in with heavy swollen glands. My thought were that we should still be having weekly session as the swollen glands were showing me how important it was to keep regular sessions going in a person with erratic working hours and the same could be said for the dietary intake. However her bowel motions have changed to being very moist so there was a little improvement which showed the lady things could change when you begin to eat properly.Continuing to be stressed due to the overwork and the hours she began thinking about a holiday in two months time. This was a break through as being one of the hardest things this lady had ever done, putting herself first.

The realisation had begun as she sensed that if she did not finally learn to relax her body would always be in a state of anxiety, which could lead to more severe problems in the future. It felt to me as a breakthrough had occurred and the uphill battle was turning itself round. I admire people who make the decision to change their lifestyle patterns especially where health is an issue, but I also know that when the time is right for that individual they will be ready. We are all individuals with emotions and feelings that have to be worked through first in our own minds before we find the path we need to follow, to make our new decision a success.

Having made that decision helped relax this lady who next came for her reflexology happily announcing that she’d now had a period, three months since the last, which had a good flow and lasted a week. Two days previous she said it was a hot muggy day and she had felt head pains originating at the back of her head but felt good at the end of this reflexology session.

She announced that the reflexology sessions would become fewer due to work although she had made a conscious decision to continue coming to collect the herbs for the female reproductive system, bowel and circulation.

This continued until November when the young lady arrived feeling extremely tired, With both feet aching. The only tender areas on her feet were on the left, these where the kidney, bladder and lower back. Fluid intake, again we discussed the importance of the required amount of daily fluids especially water. But this is not what’s on our young lady’s mind today. What she wishes to talk about is the eptopic pregnancy she had a few years back and has now become worried about the herbs she is taking and asks if they will interfere with her cycle if she becomes pregnant. As she feels her biological clock is rapidly ticking away.

With regards to the herbs interfering with her cycle I felt she had raised a very valuable point. As I had spoken to her about this exact point when we first met, I had spoken of putting a limit on time taking the herbs. Especially as she was anxious about her biological clock as well as only having one fallopian tube and so we had agreed in the April when she first came to me that we would review her progress at the end of the year.

So now we reviewed the situation and what had been achieved throughout the year. In March she had a period there was none again till June. August was 30 days late. In September the period was 9 days late; in November her period was 18 days late and in December 10 days late.

Her bowels motions have improved with the help from the bowel herbs, as well as the appearance and texture of her skin. Reflexology has alerted her to the need to relax the mind, body and spirit if she wishes to keep her body in balance. This lady had also begun to look forward to periods especially since taking the herbs for the hormone and blood circulation as she was now minus any pain previously experienced at such times.

We had discussed the length of time we would spend enhancing both the endocrine system and the elimination process. We were now at that point in time and I feel there was a sudden uncertainty from her when I said that now was the time to stop all herbs and for her to go forward without any. When she asked me why I had to state that there are herbs that are contra-indicated in pregnancy and if her reason coming to me was to enhance that system, we must also respect the fact that contra-indications were a consideration that must not be overlooked.

As she left saying thank you she’d call and let me know how things go, I really wasn’t expecting the call when it came three months later when an excited scream told me she was pregnant. Once again we began meeting for her to have reflexology as a relaxant as well as keeping the nerve and blood supply enhanced. Final result was a beautiful baby girl in the December month of that year.

When she got home from hospital I did have a call for help from her, so I went to her home where it became apparent that she was worried about bathing baby having not been shown how to in hospital. So it gave me great pleasure to give baby her first bath as proud mum looked on, I saw them both a little while later when all continued to be well.

A list of contra-indicated herbs in pregnancy can be obtained by reading the British Herbal Pharmacy. If unsure please ask an herbalist.

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Harriet Di Luzio

Harriet Di Luzio trained with Farad Davidson in Cambridge with the British School of Natural Medicine, and later joining the Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists. Having also qualified in Reflexology with the Maureen Burgess School at Barnes Hospital and obtaining her M.A.R. with the Association of Reflexologists. Following this Harriet qualified in Massage & Aromatherapy with the Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine. A member of the Guild of Complementary Practitioners. Harrriet is also a qualified Healer.

Available for introductory workshops on the above subjects please feel free to contact me on 0208 995 9959 or leave a message on my voice mail on 0208 328 7927 alternately my email[/boxibt]