By Beth Tyers

A Male Newborn had been delivered by Ventouse intervention after a long and traumatic labour. Mother had some assistance with homeopathy, administered by husband.

Sleep has been impossible for all of the baby’s 15 or 16 days of life – he had a large haematoma to the back of his head, and to one side. Feeding is difficult, stressful for mother and baby, as he can’t relax enough to latch on successfully.

Homeopathic remedies have been given and have successfully reduced the haematoma but the baby still cannot rest, is agitated, twitching and stretching and straining and spending very little time still. He does seem to respond normally to his father’s and mother’s voices, and all of his reflexes are assessed as normal. He becomes distressed if his head is touched. He passes normal quantities of urine and stools, but isn’t gaining weight at the rate expected.

Remedies given in sequence were Arnica, Nat Sulph, Stramonium, Helleborus, Cicuta, Chamomilla, Colocynth, without noticeable effect on his general state.

Mother rang again in the third week after birth, in tears of desperation, approximately 10.30pm one evening, baby is screaming uncontrollably, unable to feed or sleep. There was no possibility of getting any remedies to her quickly (other than those she had in first aid and birth kits, and those already tried.)

My advice at this point was for the mother and baby to get into a warm bath with a large squirt of Rescue Remedy in the water, and to massage rescue remedy into baby’s hands and feet. I asked her to call me the next day, when I would have more time to discuss the next step.

Mother did phone next morning, in tears again, this time with relief, saying that they had all slept through the night for the first time since the birth. The effect had been immediate – he had relaxed considerably in the bath, fed well and slept after it. He had fed well again that morning and was sleeping again. She asked me what she should do next.

My advice was to repeat the massage twice daily into the hands and feet and repeat the shared Rescue Remedy bath each evening.

Clearly the Rescue Remedy had broken the vicious cycle of tension that was contributing to the baby’s condition, as mother was becoming more and more desperate each day. She, too, needing calming. I feel, however, that the flower essence affected the baby’s energy on a very deep level indeed, relieving the immense shock of the traumatic delivery and enabling rest, digestion, and the proper assimilation of later homeopathic remedies all of which worked effectively, and continue to do so. He is now a happy, healthy, 3 year old!

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