By Anne-Lise Miller

Colonic Hydrotherapy is part of the Naturopathic approach which is characterised by the use and practice of natural methods in order to support and stimulate the body’s own healing resources. It is based on the principles of cleansing and detoxification, which are regarded as an essential bodily function in health and towards healing.

The following case study illustrates how colonic irrigation was combined with nutritional support and additional detoxification methods to restore the body’s own abilities to be well and healthy.

Ann, an experience aromatherapist, initially came to see me because of recurrent eczema and asthma despite her dairy and wheat free diet. She also presented with slightly elevated blood pressure.
On her first visit as well as giving her a colonic irrigation which, proved to be very cleansing, I recommended her to substantially increase her intake of essential fatty acid in the form of grounded linseed, star flower oil and fish oil. By her third visit her skin was very much improved but her asthma was still bothering her, especially at night. I then suggested a parasite cleanse involving taking strong herbs in between her appointments for a period of three months. During that time she received a further four colonic treatment and her asthma although slightly worse to begin with, gradually improved. By the time her parasite cleanse was finished her asthma was completely gone.

At that point I turned towards improving the functioning of her liver in the hope of improving the high blood pressure and also avoiding the problem to come back. She did three gall bladder flushes at home involving taking large quantities of olive oil on an empty stomach and took herbal liver support as well. Six months after her first visit she is now feeling altogether fitter stronger and symptom free. Her asthma and eczema have not recurred and her blood pressure has dropped from 150/95 to 135/85.

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Anne-Lise Miller

Anne-Lise practices kinesiology, colonic hydrotherapy and aromatherapy. Her aim is to provide a safe and attractive environment to stimulate the senses and inspire all to reconnect with what is sacred and beautiful as a way to transcend everyday stumbling blocks and limitations. She welcomes anyone who is looking to practice a healthier life style based on the sound and simple principles of naturopathy
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