By Adam Rubinstein

Flower essences can normally be made up to create a personalized combination according to your needs at a particular time. The essences can be chosen from one or more of the sets available (Bush, Bach, Bailey, FES, etc). There are however many ready made combinations which can be helpful in everyday situations, for example Bach Rescue Remedy (Five Flower Essence).

In the Australian Bush Essence range there are many ready made combinations including: Relationship, Travel, Adol, Cognis, Dynamis, Sexuality, Confid, Transition, Emergency, Abund, etc.

This is my experience of a combination called Heartsong, which helps open the heart and throat chakras to enable one to express oneself fully and deeply.

My father died recently after a short illness. He had had a full and productive life and had just celebrated his 80th birthday at a big party with family and friends. Although I have no experience of public speaking, I was to read a something at his funeral and had chosen The Farewell from Mailers Song of the Earth, which I found among his papers.

I practiced reading it, and usually became quite emotional while doing so, but my reading was impersonal and somehow unsatisfactory. When I started taking Heartsong Essence, however, not only did my voice relax and strengthen, but I also found a new understanding of the poem and was more attuned to the importance of the inflection of each word and how that affected the meaning.

As I continued to learn with the help of Headstrong, I found a place of stillness deep inside from which I could express this beautiful, lonely poem. In the church, I took a few drops just before I was to speak. Although it was an emotional occasion I was able to keep my center and express myself from this deep place giving the poem a quality that was personal to me and spoke directly of my relationship with my father. Many people afterwards said how beautiful it had been.

Heartsong enables us to give full voice in our self-expression. Whether through speaking, writing, painting, dancing, or any other form, it seems to open the gates and allow us to sing.