By Anne Allen DSM, DCA, SMTO


The client, Fiona, was single, 46 years old and shared a home with her sister. She had a quiet assertive manner. Fiona was fit with outdoor activities such as hill walking, swimming and has recently taken up cycling. Fiona was a vegan and well aware of the need for balance in her diet.

In the past Fiona had suffered from mild depression, but not for some years now. Since I had given her massages in the past, she contacted me and asked that I resume, as her work situation had become stressful.


Fiona had a slight frame, slim but with good muscle tone, particularly in her legs. She had small patches of psoriasis on her elbows, knees and at the base of her spine. She had been unable to pursue her hobby of hill walking because of an ankle injury and since she found this a great way of concentrating her mind and switching off from work; this had contributed in raising her stress levels.

She told me about her history of mild depression but was not forthcoming about the details of it. She used St. John’s Wort on a regular basis. Recently her sleep pattern had begun to be broken as she found herself waking early with work related thoughts.
Apart from mild P.M.T, which usually involved mood swings, her lifestyle ensured that she was healthy with a good well balanced diet and plenty of exercise.

Fiona held a senior position in the office and had plenty of experience, which had led to more and more work being placed on her shoulders. Although she had no difficulty in dealing with the tasks given, she found it stressful that her remit constantly changed and had discussed this with her manager who didn’t “see a problem” and did not think any stress was involved. She felt therefore that she had to find her own ways of dealing with the stress she was feeling.

Treatment Plan

We agreed that the main aims of the treatment should be to bring about balance in the nervous system to aid stress relief and restoration of sleep patterns. We would also help her to relax and treat any symptoms of P.M.T. as they arose. She felt her ankle was now recovered and did not need treatment. Treatments were at two weekly intervals


Fiona made an appointment with her Human Resources Manager to discuss her work situation. She was hoping that it could be resolved before she returned to work. Her psoriasis had also improved in response to stress reduction. She felt confident and it was encouraging to see how she had empowered herself to deal with a stressful time and how aromatherapy had played a significant part in this. Fiona also felt that if the situation at work starts to become overwhelming she would book in for another treatment.

About the Author

Anne Allen DSM, DCA, SMTO
Anne Allen qualified in Swedish Massage in 1998 from the Western School of Massage and Clinical Aromatherapy with the Lothian School of Aromatherapy in December 2000. Ann currently works as a full time teacher and is a practising therapist from home on a part-time basis. Anne really enjoys developing lotions and potions for clients.

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