By Tom Williams

George is a 67 year old pensioner. For about 5 years or so he had been experiencing problems with increased frequent urination – especially at night time. He experienced no pain or discomfort during urination, but once he had finished he invariably felt that he needed to go again. Over time he found it increasingly difficult to urinate and the stream of urine became very thin and minimal. He began to experience nocturnal enuresis and a few days before he came to the Chinese medicine clinic he was totally unable to pass water at all and he experienced lower abdominal distension and severe discomfort in this area.

He went to his GP who diagnosed an enlarged prostate and he has been referred to a consultant urologist. The immediate problem was relieved by the GP performing a catheterization.

However, the retention problem recurred and not wishing to go through the catheterization process again he came to the clinic seeking help.

George complained of being tired and lethargic and he would regularly perspire with minimal exertion. He was somewhat overweight and his abdomen was distended. He complained of aching low back and sore knee joints – so painful at times that he could not walk properly. George lived on his own, and tended to be erratic with his eating patterns. He said that he never really felt hungry. His breathing was weak & shallow and he had a real aversion to the cold. He also reported bouts of tinnitus from time to time.

George had previously worked as a painter & decorator until he retired 3 years previously. Until his problems worsened he had continued to do the odd bit of work for friends and neighbours, both indoors & outdoors.

George’s tongue was pale & wet with scalloped edges and his pulse was rather weak and quite soggy to the touch.